Your Search Results

You have the ability to search all jobs or only those that match the criteria you selected on the Job Profile page. The search results page for either option includes both a job list and a search criteria form that allows you to adjust your current search or create a new search entirely.

For more information about viewing an individual job, see Using the Job List.

Navigate the Job List

If there are multiple pages of jobs, use the Next Page, Previous Page, and Back to Top links to navigate through the list. Next Page allows you to scroll through the consecutive pages, Previous Page allows you to retrace your steps, and Back to Top returns you to the first page of the list.

Switch Search Options

If available, use the Show all jobs matching your profile and Show all jobs links to switch back and forth between search options.

Conduct a New Search

Before or after the job list table is a search form you can use to change the current search criteria. This allows you to immediately refine or expand your search.

If you would like your profile criteria to match the search criteria that you just selected, you might be able to do this immediately from the Job List page depending on the career site you are viewing. Once you submit a new search, the Job List page refreshes to display the results of the new search. At the top of the page, click Update Profile to save the new profile criteria.